Joseph Piver House circa 1828 - 313 Orange Street

    This house has been RECENTLY RESTORED (photo from book) - Home to distiller James G. Noe in 1850, in 1883, son and carpenter John West Noe and wife Susan J. Adair deeded the property to fisherman James Willis and wife Esther Piver. Daughter Hannah Willis, who married fisherman John W. Gardner about 1855, inherited the property. By 1940, son Alonzo Thomas Gardner, a "registered state auditor," was here with wife Annie L. Merrill.
     1997 Survey: 1½-story, side-gable coastal cottage with engaged porch, beaded siding, stuccoed exterior end chimney with paved shoulders. House was remodeled in Craftsman style with wide eaves, exposed rafter tails, central gabled dormer and Craftsman porch posts and railing.