Thomas-Humphrey House circa 1906 -217 Front Street

     In 1853, Eliza Lente Vail (1782–1853) left this property to her sister Maria Lente Manney. In 1866, Maria's children sold to Isaac Ramsey. Noted on Gray's 1880 Map as "Misses Davis," sisters Mary and Sarah later sold to Benjamin J. Bell.
     Dr. Francis Moore Clarke (705 Front) sold what was then the old Manney house to Thomas Thomas for $1950. Thomas Thomas (1883–1937), grandson of Capt. Thomas Thomas and Martha Dudley Murray (301 Front), was the oldest son of William Alonzo Thomas and Rosetta Howland Manney. On June 14, 1905, Thomas married Rosa May Gordon (1881–1955) and built this 2-story dwelling on the site of the old Manney house. Louise Gordon Thomas, Thomas and Rosa's first child, remembered growing up in the house with the oyster-shell road between it and the wharf. Twin brothers, Thomas and Edward, were born 1910. The Thomas family lived here until 1917. 

     John William Humphrey (1884–1942) married Eva Lane Pittman (1886–1977) in 1910. About 1927, John and Eva moved to Beaufort from Clark, North Carolina. In 1941, they purchased this Front Street home. John Humphrey owned and operated Holly Grove Dairy on the northern edge of Beaufort. Members of the Humphrey family owned and lived in this home until 2007.
     1997 Survey: Traditional Queen Anne/Colonial Revival house, deck-on-hip roof with widow's walk, upper level bay window and front cross-gable. 1-story porch, with tracery-transom entrance, has Doric columns and turned railing.