Edwin E. Willis House circa 1910 - 1018 Ann Street

     This house has been RECENTLY RESTORED (photo from book) - In 1899, Purse-seine fisherman Edwin Edward Willis, born in 1876 to Samuel H. Willis and Martha Ann Willis, married Emma Julia Lewis, daughter of carpenter James Knox Polk Lewis and Bethania Guthrie. Edwin and Emma became parents of Carl Thomas and Claud Wheatley Willis. In 1913, they sold the house to William Floyd Willis.
     In 1907, mariner William Floyd Willis (1884–1954), son of George Easton Willis and Elizabeth Weeks, married Edith Holland Mason, daughter of Holloway Mason and Alice Holland Lewis. William and Edith were parents of William Howard, Alice Holland and Harold Haines Willis. In Southport by 1920, Edith died of pneumonia. William Willis then married Martha Elizabeth Bradham.    
     1997 Survey: 1½-story, side-gable house with interior brick end chimney and attached porch with chamfered posts.