Rev. Jones House circa 1840 - 819 Broad Street

     During the Civil War, the house is said to have been used as an auxiliary hospital morgue. In 1874, Rev. Jones sold the house to son Benjamin Leecraft Jones (1838–1904) and wife Orpha Neal Gibbs (1844–1934) for $600; they became parents of John Leecraft, Hugh Cole, William Howard and Mary Gibbs Jones. With Winfield Scott Chadwick, Benjamin Leecraft Jones formed Chadwick & Jones Drygoods, and later Carteret Fish Oil and Guano Company.
      As noted in Early Domestic Architecture in Beaufort, North Carolina, Summer Field Study 2012: "Said to date from around 1840, this imposing, nearly square, Greek Revival house with its 2-story pedimented portico was probably built in the 1850s, based on the copious use of circular sawn framing members combined with sash sawn material. The shallow-pitched roof has a circular-sawn ridge board; gable studs of the portico are cut with a circular saw."